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The initial vision for the Internet Car Clubs site was to give everyone with a car a chance to find their local car club. This mission was expanded to give any car club a chance to easily have a web presence with little or no effort! 

Club officers can register to update their club home page. Have them contact for instructions.
Once your club's page is activated, the following features will be available:

Public Users will be able to:
- See a listing of all club events so they can attend and possibly join the club.
- Read the club Forum (but not post any messages).
- Request to join the club.
- Sign up for email updates about club events.

Club Members, in addition, will be able to:
- Post new messages to the club Forum.
- Register to attend events.

Club Officers, in addition, will be able to:
- Create new event notices and edit old notices.
- View information about who will attend events and send email updates to people who register for events.
- Maintain club membership information and Send email updates to members.
- Approve or Reject requests for membership.
- Assign and remove members to Club Officer status.
- Upload club newsletters to the website (20MB maximum size).
- Modify the club home page information to post information about upcoming meeting announcements and to update the club motto/general statement.


... more to come! 

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