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This is the Club Page for the
Chisholm Trail Jeep Club of Dallas TX
on the Internet Car Clubs web site.

The official website for this club can be viewed by clicking on the link below.
Chisholm Trail Jeep Club

Send email to the address below to request additional information about this club:


We are always seeking members who are willing to put the time and effort into our mission. We support all other clubs, groups, forums, Facebook pages etc. We are not in bed with our sponsors, nor do they expect that from us. We don't have time for other groups that aren't willing to help each other promote what we all do or belittle others. Have an event for your club or page and want us to share it. Post it. If we can't be there we will try to help you get some bodies in the seats. We have zero tolerance for drama. We work hard and play harder. Our goal is to give back and pay it forward when we can through charity and volunteer work and be well respected in the community's that we operate in. There's not a "Join" button to hit or dues to pay. That's not how we work. Attend some events, put forth a little effort and see if we are a fit. If we have 30 members that get along like family thats better than 300 with all the BS. We have found in other clubs that run smoothly, when you have an investment in that club, your going to work hard to make sure no one does anything to bring it down. If your willing to invest a little hard work and time and feel this is what you've been looking for, feel free to send us a private message or catch us at an event if you have anymore questions and thanks for all the emails, messages and support. We love our Jeep Family!

Scheduled Events: There are no events scheduled at this time.                                  

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