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The 2019 Texas Miata Challenge      12   drivers currently signed up.

Another year, another Challenge...This year is about Firsts, Biggest, Smallest.

Participating in the Challenge is a fun way to see parts of the state you may not have thought of going to. Invite other members of your club to go with you, or strike out on your own. Whichever way your choose, you get to drive a Miata across Texas!

Take a picture of you, your Miata, and the specified item at each destination. (Or get as close as you can with the car!) If both driver and co-pilot are participating, both must appear in the picture, or there should be a picture of each of them. Entries with 10 destinations will receive a specially designed pin and T-shirt.   Pictures must be submitted either electronically emailed or printed as 4x6 prints on photo quality paper. Mail or turn entries into Bruce Gibson by October 1, 2018. Awards will be given out at the Annual Miata State Roundup or at your club meeting.

Mail 4x6 prints to: Bruce Gibson, 1020 Mesa Ct., Shady Shores, TX, 76208

or email to: Bruce Gibson at

So get out and drive your Miata around our beautiful state! Take your pictures and also take time to explore the area around the challenge site. It is not just about being there and getting a t-shirt, but also about driving our fun cars to new locations and getting a chance to see what else is there. Post comments about the interesting things you find or good places to eat below, so others can check them out when they are there!

You can download the   Official Entry Form              Map
Open to all Miata drivers, not just Texans!
...or, if you are logged into the website, you can click the Sign Up button below to register for the Challenge. Registered users can 'Check-in' at each location to show how they are doing, make comments, and upload their pictures.
Login and you can sign up for the challenge!

Information on all of the locations of the 2019 Texas Miata Challenge

1 -- First Shot of Texas Revolution, Gonzales, TX
2 -- First Texas Born Governor's Mansion, West Columbia, TX
3 -- Oldest City in Texas, Nacogdoches, TX
4 -- Oldest Continuing Operating Bakery, New Braunsfels, TX
5 -- First Rodeo of Texas (and World), Pecos, TX
6 -- Largest History Museum in Texas, Canyon, TX
7 -- Only Split Post Office in Texas, Texarkana, TX
8 -- World's Littlest Skyscraper, Wichita Falls, TX
9 -- First Hilton Hotel, Cisco, TX
10 - T C Lindsay and Co, Waskom, TX

1. First Shot of Texas Revolution, Gonzales Memorial Museum (Come & Take It Cannon), 414 Smith Street, Gonzales, TX     10   people already checked in
2. First Texas Born Governor's Manson, Governor Hogg (1890 – 20th Governor) Varner-Hogg Plantation, 1702 N 13th Street, West Columbia, TX 77486     9   people already checked in
3. Oldest City in Texas (1779) Nacogdoches, TX     9   people already checked in
4. Oldest Continuous Operating Bakery, Naegelins Bakery, 129 S Segin Avenue, New Braunsfels, TX     10   people already checked in
5. First Rodeo of Texas & World (1883), Buck Jackson Arena, 1556 S Cedar Street, Pecos, TX - Picture of Sign "Home of the World’s First Rodeo     9   people already checked in
6. Largest History Museum in Texas, Panhandle-Planes Historical Museum, 2401 4th Ave, Canyon, TX - Picture of Museum     9   people already checked in
7. Only Split USPS Post Office, 500 N State Line Ave 101, Texarkana, AR 71854     9   people already checked in
8. World’s Littlest Skyscraper, 701 LaSalle, Wichita Falls, TX (picture of the building)     9   people already checked in
9. First Hilton Hotel, 309 Conrad Hilton Ave., Cisco, TX Picture of Hotel     9   people already checked in
10. T C Linsey & CO, 2293 FM 134, Jonesville (Waskom), TX - Picture of the store     8   people already checked in
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